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The Dark Angel Big Bang Challenge
write to discover your destiny
Round 3 Masterlist, 2013 
4th-Jan-2014 11:19 am
DA: bigbang
Meant to post earlier (3 days ago) oh well - here it is, and YEAH *throws confetti* to ALL the writers/artists, betas and cheerleaders for all of your hard work. Seriously without you the comm wouldn't exist and our fandom would wither away. From the bottom of my heart thank you! for your active participation =)

Side note: If you're like me, running late due to the holidays - when you start to play catch-up please don't forget to leave the author/artist some <3 via fb.

Again thank you with much <3333333333333333 – hope you’re looking forward to the next round (more soon!)

Letting Go fic/art by walking_tornado
(Alec/Biggs, Alec/Lola, Alec/Max, NC-17)

Reconstruction, Book 1: Awakenings fic by d8rkmessngr, art by evian_fork (Alec/Logan, R)

On the Dunes of The Cape fic by: lazydazyfics art by hunters_retreat
(Max/Alec, Logan/Alec)

Apocalypse Now and Later fic by ladyarcherfan3, art by ceares
(Gen, R, crossover with Supernatural)

Max Guevera Tomb Raider: What the Ancients Left Behind fic by denyce, art by susanmarier
(Max/Alec/Logan, PG-13, crossover with Stargate Atlantis)

Striking a Balance fic by peaceful_sands art by tattooeddevil
(Gen, PG-13, crossover with Bourne Legacy)
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