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The Dark Angel Big Bang Challenge
write to discover your destiny
Poll of when to hang out at Crash... 
3rd-Oct-2013 10:33 am
DA: bigbang
My plan to host another cheerleading weekend or 2 or 3 more between now and our final due date Nov 17.

What is this? Basically if you haven’t you join da_crash and on a given weekend that’s hosted, you hang out and basically work on your fic or your art. Then on an hourly basis someone (me or you) posts a gif/vid etc to say hi that you’re not alone! At that point people can check in, we can have word wars, discuss/vent/support if someone has a problem with their muse, has a buggy detail, to ask questions even grammar etc… It’s just a weekend, where you set aside some time to focus on your fic/art, or if you’re done to cheer and support others.

Poll #1936959 DA Crash cheering

possible weekends

Oct 5-6
Oct 12-13
Oct 19-20
Oct 26-27
Nov 2-3
Nov 9-10
Nov 16-17

Would you be willing to host a block of (3-4) hours on a given weekend


If you have any other suggestions lmk, thanks!

ETA: So I'll set aside Oct 12-13 & Nov 9-10 for a weekend blitz of writing/cheerleading. All other weekends, I'll pop in over on da_crash it just won't be for the whole weekend. Example I'm really busy today, but will pop over there tomorrow. Also no one needs to have me there, so if you track any comments and someone posts and you're available to say hey & cheer them on - Go for it!

Those that volunteered on hosting a few hours, let me know what weekend and what block of hours you can take. You can PM if you prefer. OK off to do my errands, cleaning, laundry, shopping etc...

PS: I'll keep the poll open for now in case more people prefer to add another weekend for a blitz. Take care, and keep writing/working on art \o/
3rd-Oct-2013 10:07 pm (UTC)
I'd do my best to stop by and cheer people along (plus take advantage of any cheering going as I plough forward with the writing) whichever weekend got chosen. :D I think it's a great idea.
5th-Oct-2013 04:36 pm (UTC)
I just updated, so 2 weekends for the blitz Oct 12/12 & Nov 9/10 & yeah on cheering \o/
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