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The Dark Angel Big Bang Challenge
write to discover your destiny
Mod post: please read! 
18th-Sep-2013 08:52 am
DA: bigbang
Flyby—Ha, I thought after my busy weekend that things would have calmed down- not so much. However I’m just going to push through and get this out… As many know drafts are due this Sunday (early if you have them ready & if you do send to denyce36 at yahoo dot com – please put: DAbb challenge R3, in the subject line).

For everyone not done (like me) many are panicking!

Here’s the thing my #1 rule, hope and expectation is to create new Dark Angel media (fic, art) – and more specifically for darkangel_bb is new longer fic. The reality is we are a small fandom – we don’t have 50 or 10 plus people signing up to write or to do art, so IMHO we need to adjust and cater to the problems/needs of the group to still uphold the 1st rule of creating new DA media. Make sense?

Now most know or realized the bigbang started late this year and frankly I did a poor job of confirming we’d have one. Why I tried to make it easier by including a minibang this year. I also don’t want to extend dates or to push it into 2014 as I’d like to start round 4 next year at the end of January 2014.

Still overall we are small and I’d like to encourage productivity and completed projects – that means being somewhat flexible.

Here are some suggestions—

1- If you have an epic on your hands, is it possible to break it up? As long as you don’t leave it on a cliffhanger without a warning – you’re good to go then just keep writing and finish it up (a sequel) in the next round.

2- Is it possible to downgrade to a mini – or maybe do a prequel or a side bit of your story? My bigbang is finishing up my reversebang that I started (the Lara Croft infusion) it grew and I couldn’t rein it in (without a sloppy ending tagged on) in time by the due date. So instead I wrote a prequel to the universe I was writing, a bit when Max hired Logan. Or just downgrade to a mini you only need 3k for the draft & 5k overall- as long as you have an ending you’ll be good to go. (Note: one could also upgrade from minibang to bigbang if you’ve gone over or are that close to the 10k mark that you’re pretty sure you’ll hit the wc)

3- Opt out of art claims all together or to do your own art? You’d still have the deadline of final drafts before schedules are revealed. However without an art claim, you can continue writing without fear. If you finish your draft moving toward a final draft- and if we have artists willing- you might get art, but this is NOT something I can promise!

I realize some might think then what is the point of a bigbang? And I’d remind you of my #1 rule. If we had 50 to 100 people playing we could afford to be strict- as it is I personally don’t want to create hurdles for the few people who are actively participating. Instead I want to break down the barriers so everyone who would like to participate to play.

4- If by the time I create the schedule for posting and you’re still not done – you can continue to write/polish your fic to post for the amnesty period. There will be a week of amnesty for writers/artists to post.

5- If none of the above works for you then please roll it over to round 4. Although I’d like for you to push so we can have as many fics as possible for this round – at the same time I’d prefer you roll it over rather than abandon it altogether. I’d heard of too many writers start a piece for a bigbang (myself included) and then not finish in time for the draft to then let it sit on my hd collecting dust ie on my hd: Promises Kept (SPN, 10k), Untitled crossover (Fastlane/White Collar, 6k) – plus a dozens of small pieces and 1 large epic 89k in BtVS/AtS—yeah unfinished work is sad!

Point is although we have small numbers of active writers let’s shoot for a higher ratio of completed work *\o/*

To achieve this lets talk, plan, strategize and most important support each other!!!

How? Writers need betas, alpha readers and cheerleaders. For those asking themselves what’s the difference?

A beta reader: is all about the SPAG (spelling and grammar, sentence structure etc…)

An Alpha reader: is about plot, characters, character voice- they give you fb as a reader, let you know when and where they fell out of the story- and sometime offer suggestions to get back on track.

Cheerleader- some will happily read your fic some don’t, but they agree to personally cheer you on to wave those pompoms. Also cheerleaders for the group of writers/artists would be awesome if anyone is up for the challenge…

If you’d like to do any of the above (Beta/Alpha/Cheerleader) reply to this post – When I get home tonight, I’ll post over on Jam_pony_fic for beta/apha/cheerleaders. There might be something I missed, but I have to run yikes before I’m late for work. Today and tomorrow are long days- Friday’s a half day, and I have the weekend off so I will be around =)

PS: If you have any ideas please share & above all keep writing!!!! <333333
18th-Sep-2013 07:44 pm (UTC)
That's perfect! I'll attempt my own art and not have to withdraw. :)
I'm willing to Beta.
19th-Sep-2013 04:00 pm (UTC)
Awesome! I just posted on jam_pony_fic so keep an eye out for any willing alphas =)
20th-Sep-2013 02:39 pm (UTC)
Option 3 sounds like a great idea for me as well, considering this one is probably going to be epic, and I'm not sure how to trim it down.

I could Beta and Alpha read, if needed as well.
20th-Sep-2013 08:35 pm (UTC)
Sounds awesome!! If you can pop in over on da_crash over the weekend, I'll be there chained to my desk!
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