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The Dark Angel Big Bang Challenge
write to discover your destiny
2013 General FAQs & schedule 
16th-Jul-2013 08:00 am
DA: bigbang
What is a bigbang?
A bigbang is a challenge to write a story of a particular length, the parameters are set by the comms moderators usually between 10k up to 40k. Writers and artists sign up to have their work completed by specified dates in order to post. Each story has its own piece of art or other media (a vid, fan-mix) to accompany the story on the day it’s revealed to the public.

Is there any restrictions when it comes to genre or pairings?
No. Feel free to write any genre, rating or pairing that tickles your fancy.

Can I write RPS?
No, sorry we’ll just stick to the shows characters not the actors.

Pinch hitters: Due to our smallfandom status, please note we cannot guarantee a pinch-hitter for art or fic. We’ll do our best to help anyone out, but it’s the best we can do.

What if I have more questions?
Comment to this post and we'll get back to you with the answers as soon as we can!


Author/Artist sign-ups: July 16th (Sign-ups for both end Sept 22)
Rough drafts due: Sept 22nd
Artist claims: Sept 28th
Final drafts/art due: Nov 17th
Posting starts: Nov 22nd

Author FAQs

What is the minimum word count for the bigbang and the minibang? Can I sign up to write for both options?
The minimum word count is 10,000 words for the bigbang and 5,000 words for the minibang. There is no upper limit though. Yes, you can sign up to write for both options – there will be a post closer to the draft due date to upgrade or downgrade a level if needed.

Can I write a crossover or infusion?
Yes. As long as your story focuses on at least one character from Dark Angel plays an integral role in your story. All crossovers are accepted with the exclusion of RPS.

Can I sign up to be an artist and an author?
Yes, if you think you can handle it. There are four options for art that we will get to in the Artist FAQs.

If I finish it, can I submit a WIP I've been posting in my journal?
No, not if its posted - all works should be new. However if you have a wip sitting on your hard drive that you’d like to finish and it has not been posted anywhere you can use that.

Can I submit a sequel to a story I've already posted?
Yes, as long as the new story can stand on its own.

Can an author turn in more than one story?
Yes, for both options.

Can writers collaborate on a story?
Yes, but only for the bigbang. You can also sign up as a team for the bigbang and solo for the mini bang or for a solo bigbang as well.

Is there a word limit for the first draft?
Yes, the rough draft for the minibang must be at least 3,000 words and the bigbang must be at least 7,000 words and both must have an outline for the rest of the story for your artist.

Do I need a beta?
It’s preferred, but as the fandom is getting older, we understand that it's getting harder and harder to find a good beta who knows canon. We'll have a beta post go up that you can use. If you still cannot find one, your story will still be accepted, provided you have done your best to proofread/grammar/spellcheck it yourself.

Can I post a soundtrack for my story?
Yes, but any cover art must come from your artist at least until the challenge is over.

Will I get art?
We will try our hardest to make sure everyone gets some art of some form (your mods will even beg). However, we cannot guarantee it because fandom has far more authors than artists, which is why we'll be allowing artists to claim multiple fics in an effort to bridge the gap.

Can I give my artist direction on the art? We encourage discussion between the author and the artist, but the final call on any art is ultimately up to the artist just as any final call on writing is ultimately up the author. The author can request things like icons and banners to go with their posts, but the artist is free to decline to make them.

Can I turn in anything that's due before its deadline?
Sure! Just email us with whatever is due at denyce36@gmail.com (please put: DarkAngelBB-draft or art within the subject line)

I’d rather f-lock my big bang story. Can I?
No. The point is to share your stories. They must be posted unlocked and remain so for the masterlist.

Artist FAQs

What are the art requirements: mini-bang vs a bigbang?
Artists are required to create a minimum of 1 piece of art for a mini-bang and 2 pieces of art for a bigbang. (there is no maximum).

Can an artist do more than one piece of art?
An artist can do as many pieces of art for their story as they want.

Is there a size limit on art?
No, as long as it meets the minimum requirements and you can host it on your livejournal or website, there is no limit.

Do fan mixes count as art?
As long as it is accompanied with cover art.

I'm not going to be able to complete my art in time. What do I do?
Contact the mods as soon as you realize that you cannot complete the requirements.

You said there are four options for art. What are they?
-You sign up as just a writer and submit a summary for claiming and an artist will pick you and create art for your story.
-You can opt out of art completely.
-You can opt out of art and create your own. You don't have to sign up as an artist to do this, but we would like to know if you choose this option.
-You sign up as an author and an artist. Write a fic and have someone else create art for it while you create art for another story that you claimed.

Note: A beta post will go up around the 1st of Aug.

All the rules and requirements can be found on the sign ups post. If you have a question, comment, concern and it hasn't been addressed here, please leave a comment on this post, or PM us. Thanks!
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