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The Dark Angel Big Bang Challenge
write to discover your destiny
Round 2 Masterlist, 2012 
14th-Jul-2013 09:31 pm
DA: bigbang
Okay yeah huge apologies on the lateness, but rl was definitely in play for both brihana25 & myself. I'm just grateful for everything she did for the comm when rl was demanding her attention. I do encourage anyone to go back and check the list in case you missed any of these delightful gems =)

A Fairytale of Seattle by lazydazyfics Art by clwilson2006
Summary: Max escaped with the other X-5’s from Manticore through a magic travelling mirror and found herself a life in Seattle, constantly in hiding and on the lookout for her fellow escapees whilst making a meagre living at Jam Pony and supplementing it with cat burglary. On this occasion she finds herself and the victim of her burglary falling through an unknown magic travelling mirror and back to the world she thought she’d left behind. (Alec/Logan, NC-17)

The Most Dangerous Game by ukefied Art by dollarformyname
Summary: After "Pollo Loco," Manticore tries to put Ben back together. When it doesn't work as well as they'd hoped, they use him as training bait for the new Gossamers instead. They chase him down and rip him apart time and time again, until Max torches the facility and lets everything out — then it's open season. Eventually the Gossamers chase him all the way back to Seattle, to Max's guilt and Alec's misery. Gossamers are relentless hunters, though; it doesn't take them long to catch up — and now they're after Alec, too. (Alec/Ben, Max/Logan, NC-17)

Fixations by cyndrarae Art by slinkymilinky
Summary: Post-S2, Terminal City is surrounded. Nobody can move in or out without putting the tenuous truce at risk. And if the ceasefire breaks, transgenics will not have enough resources to defend against the combined might of the army, NSA, and SeattlePD. Logan decides to pay a visit to an eccentric old, ridiculously rich uncle to try and get some much-needed funds, and Max sends Alec to escort him as his bodyguard/therapist/driver. Histories come up, and feelings and obsessions… and things get more complicated than either man could ever expect. (Alec/Logan, NC-17)

Corvus Outis by glitterfics Art by cassiopeia
Summary: Alec left Seattle after the stand-off at Terminal City to start a new life. Five years later and he's become The Raven; a sought after assasin-for-hire. Life's pretty good until he gets hired for a new job - one which sends him flying back to Seattle to save an old friend and lands him in the middle of a plot against the Transgenics. (Alec/Logan, NC-17)

Made of Steel Made of Bone by creepylicious Art by mandraco
Summary: Alec finds himself looking after two kids from the past.
“What does it mean?” John asked. His fingertips brushed over the tattoo on Alec's neck and Alec made himself not flinch or break John's arm. It was a reflex. He wanted to lecture John on the dangers on sneaking up on him, but he let it slide. John was being comfortable in his space, it wasn't a bad thing. It wasn't John's fault either that Alec sometimes didn't know how to deal with a casual touch. And the tattoo was a painful reminder of all the things he wanted to forget, but couldn't.
“It's a bar code what do you think it means?” Alec shoot back.
“Bar codes are used to tag products, merchandise,” Cameron said in that unnerving calm voice of hers. Alec knew she didn't mean to offend. She didn't know better, it was how she was after all. She couldn't really change it either.
“He's not a thing,” John said sharply.
There were people out there that thought otherwise, Alec thought. “She's right. It shows what kind of merchandise I am.”
(Alec/Cameron, Cameron/John, John/Alec/Cameron, R)

When the World Made Sense by hunters_retreat Art by sillie82
Summary: Once upon a time, Logan Cale's life made sense. Maybe not to anyone else, but it did to him. That was before he'd ever heard of Manticore, or X-5's, and certainly before he found himself the head of the Trans-normal movement that had sparked after the explosive outing of transgenics in Terminal City. Two years of fighting for the cause had taken its toll though, and not just on Logan. Anti-trans groups put a price on their heads and none more so than for Alec McDowell.

Alec tried to act like none of it bothered him but Logan knew different. They were co-conspirators and stood shoulder to shoulder leading the movement. An offhanded comment has Logan thinking it's time for a change, for the movement and for himself. Will Logan's grand experiment - a self-sustaining farming community for humans and transgenics alike - give them the chance to make peace with the world or will it fail? Will it give Alec the chance to finally heal from his emotional scars that a life as a Manticore assassin left him? And will they both finally realize what they’ve been fighting for all along?
(Alec/Logan, NC-17)

Closer Than Expected by peaceful_sands Art by davincis_girl
Summary : The Transgenics are trapped inside Terminal City, under siege when Alec falls ill. Is there something more sinister behind his illness? Can he recover? When assistance is offered from an unexpected quarter, can it be trusted? And is there a closer link between the Transgenics and those offering help than anyone yet knows? (Max/Alec, R)

Hunting the Dark by bellatrixkale23 Art by evian_fork
Summary: Supernatural AU fusion. Alec and Ben were raised like soldiers to hunt the things that go bump in the night. But it's a lot harder than what it used to be since the Pulse.
(Ben/Alec, slight Alec/Max)

Mind Games by ladyarcherfan3 Art by kj_svala
Summary: When a routine supply run ends in tragedy, Alec and Max uncover what looks to be a new plot by the Familiars to wipe out the transgenics. As Alec deals with his own memories and pain dug up by the investigation, Max handles with the fall out both personally and with TC in general, they begin to discover a few things about each other.
(Background Max/Logan with hints of beginning Max/Alec, PG-13)

You're Fired by denyce Art by ladyarcherfan3
Summary: Back in his wheelchair with a broken wrist, Max and Alec agree to help Logan out when Bling has to leave for a month. Within their first hour a misunderstanding leads to a catalyst that will change and affect their relationships forever. (Alec/Max/Logan, NC-17)
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